Trello for project management and brainstorming


Managing project

Are you developing new project for yourself and don’t want to use JIRA for that? I felt some mess when I was making a tool right for me and there was no ticket-like system I could use.

Don’t waste it

Or maybe during your day you encounter some great ideas that need many WorkDays that you do not currently have right now? Don’t waste that. Write it down. Somewhere in time there may be a need to do something with that.

Short story about one project

I had to do some project for myself. It was some Google API, PDF printing stuff with some little business logic inside. I needed to do some rewriting and fixing on montly basis. But every time I approached the project, man.. I haven’t really known what should I do and what tasks are most important. Why? It was written nowhere. I have noticed that in my case if someting is not written down then my brain tries to pretend that.. the problem doesn’t exists 😀 After writing all tasks to be done in some categories (cards lists) to Trello I categorized tasks to do. There are some tasks waiting in backlog, there is a list of bugs that need to be repaired, some spikes that need investigation. And if I will have some time I can always take care of nice to have stuff. After having done some thing I archive it, having great pleasure while it is removed from my board!

Why I have several ideas boards

As I am guy interested in several areas of IT I know that there may happen a time when I will need any idea. To move on. To evolve. But tell me where all these shining ideas come from? Out of nothing. When? Often unexpectedly. Often then, when there is no time to do anything because you are at work, jogging or in kitchen doing the dishes. But the idea can be cool and is to be saved. So I have several boards that save my ideas. About what?
* IoT movement, how to use my RaspPi
* Elastic: where can I use it even more
* web ideas: what are uServices ideas that can bring millions of dollars if I will start to implement them.
Start having your personalized Trello-boards or „any other supplier”-boards to implement your life right now.