445 words about your body,BigData and Grandma’s cake


There are many buzzwords around us.  One of them is BigData. There are people who would die in name of bigdata, others say: „this is not applicable here and in 90% other cases” or „we always had databases and noone was in such a rush”.

Personally I (don’t) know what to think about it.  My data-mining/processing experience is not enough to be sure about it but I strongly believe that big data is something natural to human being from the very beggining of his/her life.

3 V’s in your life

There was time I have read about 3 V’s of BigData. Maybe there are 4 or 5, who knows! What is the meaning? Complex stuff, blablabla. But wait, is it not that each one of you – including you reading that text – you actually do every day? We are created this way that we have natural ability to process big data.


Man. Have you ever been to big city. Going that street there are so many data-generators. You read titles on posters, listen to the music. Wait, there is radio news broadcasted, oh, thats.. interesting.. Your phone rings and you start to chat with your friend. Information is flowing a vast river, being fed by many torrents.


Your friend is talking to you via phone, neurons are very busy in your brain. He is telling stories. You start to remind yourself about facts. Each thought and every word being heard makes a pathway somewhere under your skull. There are maaaany of such connections. Can you remember taste of your favorite cake made by granma? I can.


In the same time you, mr Human, are obliged to draw conclusions and make decisions! No time for being lazy. Walking by the same street in crowdy city you hear someone’s yelling: „STOP”! You stop. You were approaching the road and didn’t notice car driving fast. Someone saved your life. But why you were able to survive, lucky guy? Because out of the data noise you were able to capture important words that you translated into command crucial to you. You did it even having a lot of other data to process in the same time, you were talking to friend via phone, looking at sky, smelling traffic clouds and thinking what to tell your boss because you are late.

Just do it

Don’t think it is buzzword. Just try to do it. It will increase your scientific value in the same time interacting with business value of your boss. Convince him.  I am gonna go into direction of data. Python was my experience in 2016. Spark has been started in the same year . Elasticsearch is here from ages. Just do it.

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