Introduction to data science – welcome home Pandas!

I’ve just started nice Online Course at Udacity. This it Introduction to Data Science.  So what are my first impressions? After using Pandas and it’s stack for some months back?


There was enough of material for me for the 1st lesson.  If I had first contact with Pandas/Numpy it would be great introduction for me.  It whets my appetite for more Pandas-knowledge because it shows greatness of that tool.  Quizes are not too easy and not too hard.

py + Pandas = easy start

I was able to get to know filtering and what is the use case for Dot product.  I think I could use dot product when dealing with measuring „score” of weighed elements.  F.e. answering question how interesting is this document for me.

And there is how simple it is using Numpy


When you learn because you really wont to .. it takes less time and you’re more efficient. I like that attitude.  Pi Chuan giving comments for that lesson #1 said:

(…) it’s good to think what kind of data are you interested in doing, and start with that – Pi Chuan

This is how I started to play guitar – I always wanted to play refrain for famous Smells like Teen Spirit.  This is how I started to learn Java and Python.  So this is – I hope – how I will start learning data-mining.